The Storm of My Life


Every summer it never fails.   We have the worst storms ever.  But this summer, this July in thO9U313FPfact we had the worst storm that I can remember.  It was so scary and awful.  The perfect scene to any horror story. Have you ever woke up to howling winds, the punding of hail on your roof and the crack and rumble of lightning and thunder?  Well that awful day in July I did, my family did.  I woke up to all that and more.

It was crazy and totally unexpected.  The night before the news weather man, Jim Luster, said that we would havbe some gentle summer rain with maybe a few rolls of thunder to lull us to sleep.  I’m sorry Mr. Luster but you were wrong.  It may have started out like that but it ended with a bang. Hearing the noise from this raging storm, I woke up and rushed outside to secure some things we had left out.  My husband and I had dinner out on the porch and there was still place settings and a vase with flowers on the table.  Quickly I dragged all those things into the foyer of our home.   Then I grabbed our keys and rolled our windows up on our vehicles.  Not too long after I closed the windows on our cars that a huge bolt of lightening hit the transformer at the end of our road and all of the power on the street went out.  A black out.  We didn’t even have a chance to prepare for it.  Hopefully, it will not last for long.

Those sixty miles per hour winds did some amazing damage to my home and my neighbors’.  My husband and I were blown away at the destruction that one storm left behind.  Trees were split in half, some had fallen over.   It look like a kid had a very bad day threw a tantrum then preceded to through and broke all of his crayons during his fit.  There was debris strewn everywhere. As I walk into the back yard I noticed three of our elm trees were either fallen over or split.   There were more grounded tree limbs and branches than I can count on my hands.  As I glance around at my neighbors homes I could see that we were not alone.  Everywhere, up and down the street it was the same picture over and over again.  With the exception that some people had branches and trees going through or on top of their homes.  Luckily we were spared that kind of destruction.  Out house and cars were intact and more or less without any real damages.  Just a couple of missing shingles from our roof that my husband said can easily repaint and replace.

That was one bad storm.  That just took everyone by surprise. If only we had some type of warning we could have prepared for it.  But that how life goes, doesn’t it?  Anything can happen.  As they say we plan and God plans.  Now I am in search of a decent tree service.  Hopefully we can find a one to come out in the next day or two and take care of those fallen and split trees in the back.  I’m sure that they are all super busy after a storm like this.  My neighbor, Patty, recommended Oklahoma City Tree Service to my husband.  She said that they are fair, understanding, and great to work with.  I’m going to give them a call and have them come out take care of our trees in the back.  And whatever branches that are too large for my husband and I aren’t able to remove on our own.  Time to get to cleaning up.

What I did over the summer


Every summer I make a list of what I would like to have accomplished. This list range from trying new workout classes, volunteering, to learning a new skill like knife throwing. It seems that before I can accomplished the first item on the list summer is over and its back to the hustle and bustle of checking papers, chaperoning, after school meetings, parent teacher conferences, the glamorous life of a small business owner and parent. Woohoo! However, this summer I was determine. To ensure that I accomplished everything I created a small list of five things I wanted to do before school starts.

  1. Become an expert in archery
  2. Learn to throw knives
  3. Get a piercing in an undisclosed location
  4. Run a 5k race
  5. Drive in an underground race
  6. Start a blog

Yes, that is my list not too hard right. Moreover, at first it was not. I quickly enrolled in archery class at this gun and archery club my cousin is a member of. That was great fun. Who knew I would be a natural? All those years of shooting cans and bottles in the back yard with my brothers’ BB gun really paid hard. In one class session, I was consistently hitting bull eyes on every draw I pulled. In fact, I received an invitation to a turkey hunt with the club’s president and his wife this fall!

What is next? Oh yeah, knife throwing. Now this one started out hard.   How many people know a place that teaches such a skill? Exactly no one! For this item to get exed off my list, I had to turn to YouTube. Yes, folks, YouTube. After searching and finding some amazing videos, I went online order some throwing knives. I then pursued to create a target in my basement. By the times my knives arrived, I had watched so many videos that, in my head, I was a kung Fu, knife throwing, and ninja. In reality, I was just a danger to myself. I almost cut off my fingers at least a dozen. After a while, it did not seem worth the injuries to keep trying.

The 5k and piercing were both quickly checked off the list. I join the race for the cure and complete the 5k run portion of the race. Then a few days after I had recovered from the race my best friend and I went to the Penitentiary Tattoos and Body Piercing. She chose to get a cute tattoo of an elephant on her thigh. I got….something somewhere on my body pierced. That is all I am saying.

My favorite summer time activity, easily, is the underground races in Detroit, mi. In order to drive or at the very least watch one of these races you have to know someone involved. It being illegal the locations are kept very secretive. Lucky for me my husband used to participate in these races in his younger days. In fact, I met him at such a race in the summer. His 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS had just outran a 1977 Ford Mustang GT. But I digress.   My husband made like two calls and it was on. He even manage to secure a car for me.   His uncle 1980 Cutlass. After a couple weeks of practicing I was finally about to drive in a race. I was so excited and full of adrenaline, that I could not stop sweating or hiccupping. I did end up losing that race, but what I gained from that experienced far outweighed the defeat.

This was without a doubt the best summer. I was able to complete everything on my list. Which in turn provided a summer full of new experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. If only my tree service crew = really knew how sweet, Mieji Pang spent her summer….

Living a good life and now I know it


For thirty-five years, I have been working in the  service industry. The first seven years I worked for someone then around the eighth year, I was able to start my own tree service business. I have worked as a tree climber, feller, pruner and trimmer, every type of job there is I have done it. That is a long time. In addition, it occur to me that I may have missed out of my dreams, never actualized my potential and all that jazz. Could I have been a doctor? Or maybe a ballroom dancer, or a lawyer. I have no idea. As soon as I graduated from high school in Texas, I did what my parents did; I got married and got a job. Now after all these years I am wondering was I stuck in a rut, employment wise.

Fortunately, I have made quite a good living for my family and myself. I can afford to do somethings that had I not been so fortunate it would not be possible. I have decided to take a few weeks off and try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. My family thinks I am crazy and going through some sort of mid-life crisis. My mind made up and I am doing it.

Career Placement

I started by taking one of those online quizzes about for career placement. That did not work; it suggested that I become a forester, business owner, or an arborist. That is what I am trying not to do. Reflecting on my childhood dreams, I decided to try out cooking. Therefore, I sign up for a cooking class at the local community college. I am a better eater than chef is. For weeks, I took classes and did different jobs, each one I hated. Those I did not hate I was horrible.

Frustrated I went for a jog. Just to clear my head. While jogging I ran into one of my neighbors, I think his name is Benson or Benji, or Ben-something. He and his brother in law were trying to cut down this elm tree in his backyard. Those two were doing it all wrong. Where they place their wedge cut that tree would have fallen on his car, garage, and part of the house. Of course, I helped them. Show them were to cut. Explaining to the importance of planning before cut. That before you fell any tree map out the where you want it to fall. What route each person will take once the tree begins to fall. I also gave them a talk on the importance of safety. Then I allowed Benji (I figured his name) to try his cuts again demonstrating the best place to make each one. Benji and his brother in law thank me for stopping. I watched them fell that tree then I took off and jogged home.


During this jog back to my house, I realized that I am doing exactly what I want to do. I took stock of my life. A family that loves me, a business that is successful, and every day I go to a job that I do not hate. Yes, my life is not perfect but its close enough for me. I also came up with a couple services we can offer to our customers. Demonstration classes on pruning, trimming, and other tree related things. In addition, we will add arborist consultation services.

Hope to continue blogging more stay tuned.