For thirty-five years, I have been working in theĀ  service industry. The first seven years I worked for someone then around the eighth year, I was able to start my own tree service business. I have worked as a tree climber, feller, pruner and trimmer, every type of job there is I have done it. That is a long time. In addition, it occur to me that I may have missed out of my dreams, never actualized my potential and all that jazz. Could I have been a doctor? Or maybe a ballroom dancer, or a lawyer. I have no idea. As soon as I graduated from high school in Texas, I did what my parents did; I got married and got a job. Now after all these years I am wondering was I stuck in a rut, employment wise.

Fortunately, I have made quite a good living for my family and myself. I can afford to do somethings that had I not been so fortunate it would not be possible. I have decided to take a few weeks off and try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. My family thinks I am crazy and going through some sort of mid-life crisis. My mind made up and I am doing it.

Career Placement

I started by taking one of those online quizzes about for career placement. That did not work; it suggested that I become a forester, business owner, or an arborist. That is what I am trying not to do. Reflecting on my childhood dreams, I decided to try out cooking. Therefore, I sign up for a cooking class at the local community college. I am a better eater than chef is. For weeks, I took classes and did different jobs, each one I hated. Those I did not hate I was horrible.

Frustrated I went for a jog. Just to clear my head. While jogging I ran into one of my neighbors, I think his name is Benson or Benji, or Ben-something. He and his brother in law were trying to cut down this elm tree in his backyard. Those two were doing it all wrong. Where they place their wedge cut that tree would have fallen on his car, garage, and part of the house. Of course, I helped them. Show them were to cut. Explaining to the importance of planning before cut. That before you fell any tree map out the where you want it to fall. What route each person will take once the tree begins to fall. I also gave them a talk on the importance of safety. Then I allowed Benji (I figured his name) to try his cuts again demonstrating the best place to make each one. Benji and his brother in law thank me for stopping. I watched them fell that tree then I took off and jogged home.


During this jog back to my house, I realized that I am doing exactly what I want to do. I took stock of my life. A family that loves me, a business that is successful, and every day I go to a job that I do not hate. Yes, my life is not perfect but its close enough for me. I also came up with a couple services we can offer to our customers. Demonstration classes on pruning, trimming, and other tree related things. In addition, we will add arborist consultation services.

Hope to continue blogging more stay tuned.

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