th5OQPJ3L5Many people do not know this about me but I own a few apartment buildings. That is right I am a real estate mogul. Well, maybe not quite but I am on my way. I own and operate affordable housing for working people. Nothing too fancy just simple homes for regular people. I am always looking for way to cut down on the cost of operating. Currently the heat is included in the rent. I have been researching different ways to reduce the heating cost on a particular building. My other buildings were renovated by the previously owner before I bought them. I made sure of it. Each were tightly insulated and energy efficient. Nevertheless, this other building, the one that is costing me an arm and a leg in heating cost, was a gift. My great uncle gifted me the building in his will. I am grateful but building is an older building, so there is some updated I must do before I can bring in tenants.

After some researching I have decided incorporate a living forest within the building. After reading some of the benefits and looking at pictures, I think that would be perfect for this old building. Tomorrow I will contact a tree service that I have been using for years. Talk to their arborist about the best trees I should use in such a project, where to get them, and how to maintain them.

Those that have incorporated living trees within their home and building structures have reaped many benefits and positive effects from them. From an increase in the air, quality, to a reduction in heating and cooling, even report more positive and spiritually uplifted residents. Just from being that close to nature. In fact, if I include one hundred and fifty trees they will have to ability of taking in about two hundred thousand liters of carbon dioxide that we breathe out. Then releasing clean and purified oxygen for us to breathe. The leaves have their own climate, which in return affects the heating and cooling of a building or whatever space they are in. This means they provide substantial in aid in the heating and cooling of a structure. Making it more efficient and less expensive to do so for the owner or occupants.

Of course, there are some other things that I will have to do to the building. Or rather have done. I need to have it insulated, new energy saving window, update the heating and cooling system, that has just to name a few. I am going to keep researching to see what other naturally elements I can add that can improve the building and save me a few dollars.

Normally I would not purchase a building like this; the upfront cost of renovations is enough to scare me. Although I have always wanted to but as I mentioned the cost can be astronomical. But thanks to my generous Great Uncle Napoleon I received a building that’s paid for, even the taxes are paid up for twenty years. My uncle was an efficient and wise man. All those components have made it possible for renovations to be done. Thanks Uncle Napoleon!

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