Hi there I am Mieji Pang and this is my blog.  I recently completed my masters degree in botany.  My wish and passion is to develop a line of homeopathic remedies for common everyday illness and ailments.  All derived from plant based ingredients.  So far I have created and patented seven supplements.   Some time in the near future you should be able to find my natural medicine in your local pharmacy and department stores.

When I am not busy with my line of alternative medicines I enjoy traveling, reading, and partaking new experiences with the companionship of my husband Land.  Up to date I have driven in an underground and highly illegal drag race, I learn to shoot a compound bow, and how to make my own wool at a local sheep farm.  I have travel all over world to places like India, Egypt, Belize, Sydney, to name a few.  But I have to say my favorite destination thus far is South Africa.  Its just so majestic, pure and beautiful.  It seems as if the sky is bluer and even more infinite than any other place I have been.  I don’t know how to describe, its just something you would have to see for yourself to understand.

As I previously noted to I am married.  I have been married almost two years.  It will be two years in November, November eleventh to be exact.  I have know my husband for quite some time.  His family and my family have been friends since we were in diapers.  Although our parents have hoped we would marry and unite our families officially. I always thought he was the last man on earth I would marry.  In fact for six months I was engage to another man.  But he showed his true colors and it was something I refused to be tied to.  During this time Land helped me get over him and eventually I started seeing him as a potential mate.  So when he ask me to marry me I immediately said yes.  Three weeks later we were hitched!

That’s my life in a nutshell.  If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with me personally check out contact page.

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