Everyone once in awhile its great to treat yourself.  It doesn’t matter if its to a new purse, pedicure, ice cream, or a vacation.  If you work hard don’t you deserve a little positive reinforcement?  I whole heartily agree.  After doing vewy well this quarter my husband and I decided that we will treat ourselves to a week long vacation.  We only had a week both of us could get away from our work without everything falling apart, this narrow our travels to somewhere in the united states.  A week is not enough time to spend in another country especially if its suppose to be a vacation.  And what a glorious trip it was.  So, last week my husband and I went on a vacation.  To New Orleans, Louisiana.  If you haven’t been you really should think about making a trip.  There is so much to do and see. I love it there.  As a matter of fact this is our third trip together since we were married a couple of th03Q1MICYyears ago.

Here are a few tips for visiting the crescent city that has always made my travels easy and memorable.  Hey there is a reason we keep returning!


You see I’m lucky.  My family owns houses in New Orleans and some of the surrounding parishes, when we travel there we are able to stay in one of their homes.  Saving us a lot of money.  But there are many beautiful hotels in New Orleans that come highly recommended.  Determine where you will be spending most of your time by going to New Orleans official web page and checking out a map.  Another great tip is to go on a site such as Yelp to see what others have said about the different hotels in the area.   This is something I have done on others trips, check out the cost of renting a house or room for the time you will spend there.  Depending on how many people will be joining you on your trip this could save you a lot of money.  If you don’t have any plans on getting out of the city you can easily get around without renting a car.  Between the trolleys, taxis, and Uber it maybe an expense that could be eliminated.  We go we usually don’t bother with a car rental, unless its just for a day.  Just a little tip.


When eating in New Orleans or any place that your are not familiar with always go with the locals.  Ask around, look around, where they eat is guaranteed to be great and less expensive then what’s geared towards tourists.  When I’m in New Orleans there are a few foods and treats that I must eat before returning home.  In my mind it never tastes as good as it does when you’re there.  First is a po’boy.  For those who don’t know what a po’boy is, its a sandwich that comes on a delicious French bread.  You can have it filled with any variety of seafood.  From oysters, to shrimp, to crawfish, to name a few.   I always get a crawfish or a shrimp po’boy depending on which one is in season.  After I have enjoyed a fresh and delicious po’boy my next must eat is a beignet.  A delectable and light French doughnut that is covered in a heavy dusting of powered sugar.  My next sweet treat is some pecan pralines.  Then I like to cool down with a snow ball (shave ice), usually a pina colada flavor with sweetened condensed milk poured over it.  After all this I’m starting to get a little hungry.


There are so much to do, for any type of budget, and all ages.  There are voodoo and ghosts tours.  You can hear a great jazz band perform right there on the sidewalk.  To great ferry cruises and gator sightings.   New Orleans also have one of the best zoo’s and aquarium in the country.  Have brunch and go shopping.  Or simply get lost starting at the breathtaking architecture and colorful people.  Possibilities are endless.


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